Unite to Avoid Battle Fatigue

Trump/Bannon and the Republicans are starting as many fires as possible. Bannon has, after all, openly stated that his goal is to burn the federal government down. By starting all these fires so quickly it creates the real possibility that the various groups on the Left will become fatigued by trying to battle all of the different types of political fires.  “Protest this, now protest that. Crap! Now we gotta protest the other thing too!.”  The weakness of Leftwing activism is that it is narrowly focused to the extreme.  You’ll have 100 activists in a city fighting for some cause, and down the street they will be another small group fighting for a different cause. This narrowness of focus spreads the leftwing activists thin; it disperses the power of the people.
What we are seeing now, for example, is the fishermen, hunters, river enthusiasts, etc. starting to panic at the Republican’s push to sell off public lands to their cronies who own the extractive companies. The pro-choice folks will be battling their fires with the Gorsuch pick and Republican controlled states attacking reproductive rights. The LGBTQ movement will be fighting their fight. The climate change movement will be fighting their fight. The immigrant movement will be fighting their fight. The women’s rights movement will be fighting their fight.
Trump and the Republicans instinctively know this weakness of Leftwing activism, and I think that is one reason why they are starting so many fires at once. They believe they can handle a protest here and a protest there. And it is likely they also believe that the activists will finally fatigue and dissipate – which all protests movements eventually do (after all, these activists have jobs, families, and can’t continue to pop into the streets every single day.)
There is a possibility that Trump and the Republican’s strategy could seriously backfire on them.  But that would likely only happen if the left/progressives forces unite and fight back as one against the main target: Trump and his regime of kleptocrats. So rather than the climate change movement organizing their march in April, and then another group organizing a different march for another date, the people who are organizing the various leftwing activist groups need to reach out to each other and unite into one massive force, and quickly.

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